Happy New YOU: A New Year’s tribute

As always, I’m thanking God for each of you and all that you represent to me. And understand that my words are carefully chosen and charged with utmost sincerity to express my appreciation for you. I don’t take our association lightly, and know that so much more is “in the works” as we move forward.

I really just want to encourage you as you work toward whatever you’ve given yourself permission to obtain and attain, this year. I’m not big on “resolutions”, because the color of that word is tainted so badly that to set them usually results in failure by “default”, because that’s what we expect…our world has dictated that by mid-February or March, most people cry “do over!” anyway. So what I’m talking about is your vision for yourself, and crystallizing it (or at least becoming aware of what you ALREADY envision for yourself…because it may not be what you want, and you didn’t realize that’s why you keep repeating like-caliber experiences).

Scripture reminds us that “as a [wo]man thinketh, so is s/he”. So what are you thinking about? What images do you constantly keep before you, in your mind? What kind of people are you surrounding yourself with? Are you surrounded by people you believe in and who believe in you? Is your environment conducive to building and working toward your dream(s)? Or are you (and/or others) always “bringing it back to reality”? [By the way, if your present reality is not what you WANT to experience, but your dreams are, why in the world would you FOCUS on your present reality??? What you devote time, energy, and attention to will find its way to you; so if you want more of what you’re already experiencing, then by all means nurse that vision. But if your desired reality reaches far beyond what your “today” looks like, it makes sense that you feed your vision more images of itself. This doesn’t mean you become negligent in regards to your responsibilities in order to “daydream”, but it means your PASSION, ENERGY, and FOCUSED ATTENTION becomes re-directed so that your “so is s/he” begins to reflect you more accurately.]

So forget what time of the year it is…this is beyond resolutions. This is about living in the success, abundance and prosperity that you will ALLOW yourself to experience. This means you have to give YOURSELF permission to experience the life you want to live, which may consequently mean releasing prejudice about others who already live the life you want to live. Because if you judge them, coming up with your own reasoning as to why and how they got it, you’re subconsciously blocking it from coming into YOUR life because you’ve inadvertently told yourself that achieving that life will make you lazy, excessive, “too good”, inaccessible, detached, carnal, or otherwise “bad” – not exactly things that invite or invoke your best.

So get passionate about life and living, and create what you want to experience. IT’S WITHIN YOUR REACH! And it doesn’t require an overhaul…in other words, you don’t have to become something you’re not already, in order to be, do, and have what you want. Quite the contrary, you will have to RELEASE those things you’re not and allow the God-intended you to come forth!! If it were not a possibility, you wouldn’t be able to conceive it in your mind. So truly (not to sound cliche’), if you can conceive (or “see”) it, you really CAN do, be, and have it!

Go for the very BEST!!

About Expressions

Me just being me...in joy, frustration, grief, anger, love, and ignance--and there will be PLENTY of ignance. These are my personal and EVOLVING thoughts. I emphasize "EVOLVING" because I don't apologize for any uncomfortable or unsettling entries, as they represent where I was at the time of the entry. Proud to be an ever growing, developing, and becoming human being...and I'm honored to have you join me on the journey. Thanks for stopping by! View all posts by Expressions

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